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Why did you make this site?

I am from Canada and during his 2015 election campaign, Justin Trudeau talked about replacing the actual voting system (First-Past-The-Post) to the Alternative Voting. That made me interested in learning about the different voting systems. After doing some research, I realized there is no perfect one. I tought, maybe we can use multiple voting systems and see who won the most. That could be the 'real' winner. That's why I made Better-Vote. I also think this website is a great tool to visualize that there can be different winner depending of the voting system.

Can I tell you way(s) to improve the vote?

Yes! There is clearly features that could be added or ways to show the results in a better way. If you want to help me improve it, you can do it by mail : [email protected]

Why is there a maximum of 10 candidates?

The maximum is 10 for the moment just because some charts looks weird with more than 10. I will do an update if the need is there.

Can I donate?

Yes, you can! This service is free. If you like it and want to donate, you can do it here :